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Succeeding with your Online Presence

We offer website design, e-commerce website builds, feature implementation, and custom requests to meet the needs of your business, as well as taking care of your digital marketing needs.

Website Development Services

Specializing in Custom Builds and Requests

Website Design

Providing both in-house design services and outsourced design solutions, your design choice becomes a part of your brand as visitors view your online presence.  One easy first step is to research what type of design you would prefer, or find a project lead who has a good vision of the type of design which is desired.

In-House Design: We work with our designers and produce a website design deck for your approval.  We work with your requests and adapt as needed.

Outsourced Design: We can work with a designer your provide and build a site to their specifications.

Website Development

Take your website to the next-level with specialized features, all of which we take care of in-house.  We are open to discussing what type of project you need done, and provide quotations before we begin.  All of our website builds are mobile friendly.

Common Requests:  Dynamic Page Elements, Whatsapp Contact, Web Chat Integration, Website Loading Icons, Dynamic Navigation Menus, Database Communication, User Logins, Website Store and more.

Specialized Requests:  We are available to speak with you about specialized website builds.  For those interested in DeFi and Blockchain, we provide services in this emerging industry.

Website Applications

We are capable of deploying website applications for your business, start-up, organization or project.  Utilizing our in-house code libraries and open source software solutions, we are ready to deploy solutions without excessive time to develop solutions which were already built by others.

Your Customized Web Application:  We build Web Applications according to your specific needs, gathering feedback throughout the process to improve and modify the product.  Terms for these projects are negotiable.  Generally, we create a beta launch to test and gather product feedback, and after additional changes are finalized, we release the finalized product.  Standard terms would include continued support 60 days after launch date.
Digital Marketing Services

Planning and Executing Your Digital Strategy

Social Media Strategy

In the digital era of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter, start-ups and established companies are turning to digital advertising as a solution to drive sales.  Developing a strategy for digital marketing requires preliminary research to determine target audience behaviors online, and crafting a digital strategy to reach those customers most likely to purchase your product.

Planning Social Media Strategy
  • Create a Digital Strategy
  • Audience Research / Customer Journey Mapping
  • Competitor Research
  • Ad Spend Budget Planning

Social Media Ad Management

Social Media advertising involves precise knowledge of industry metrics and setting realistic target objectives.  We track results, measure performance toward goals, and set realistic targets for ad expenditures.  Ultimately, delivering on clear goals must be the outcome from Social Media Ad Spend.

Social Media Management / Services
  • Facebook / Instagram Ad Management
  • Google Display Network Ad Management
  • Website Facebook Pixel Integrations and Monthly Reporting

Google SEM / SEO

Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) require technical expertise in navigating Google Search and Google Analytics, where organic search results are harvested to improve paid marketing campaigns.  We provide services for clients regarding SEM / SEO.

Social Media Management / Services
  • Google SEM (Paid Ads) Management
  • Google SEO (Organic Search) Management
  • Website Integration with Google Search and Google Analytics
  • Monthly Reporting, measuring website traffic and results of marketing expendetures
TLCC Consultants

Business Websites

Operating from Singapore, TLCC Consultants Pte. Ltd. is ready to work with you to launch or revamp your business website.

Our company specializes in custom web development requests.  We work with business owners and managers on design ideas, website business writing, feature implementation and the successful launch of their website.

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