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Ideas to Reality in 2021

The year 2021 began with dramatic increases in valuations of public blockchain networks.  Bitcoin’s price quickly traded above $30,000 USD, and total valuation above $500 billion USD.

At TLCC Consultants, we believe the future of public DeFi is massive, as public blockchain networks enable the storage, distribution, and smart contracting of value on international, decentralized networks.  Since 2016, we have held the viewpoint that Public DeFi (before the term DeFi was coined) would hold valuations in the trillions as the market matured.  At the time, the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrency measured 12 billion USD.  Today it measures above 860 billion USD.

Sieze the Opportunity

As visionaries in the world of DeFi, we are uniquely positioned to assist you in implementing your DeFi project.  We are ready to assist your project’s launch into the world of DeFi in 2021!

•  DeFi Website Integration – Deploy your project with professionalism by having your website integrated with the blockchain of your choice.  Users can login / verify identity as a user on a public blockchain and sign transactions.  Your server can independently query blockchain API nodes, viewing on-chain data.

Public Blockchain Consulting – With technical skills in different decentralized blockchain projects, we consult on which systems are best for different needs.  Do you require immutable JSON data stored on the blockchain?  Do you want to launch a token on a network wCustomizeablesith good liquidity?  Do you require scalability and sub-second blockchain interactions?  These features are achievable but require navigating the features of different projects.

DeFi Web Application – Build your project’s DeFi Web Application with us, launching your vision into reality.  Customizeable features, utilizing a blockchain of your choice, we deploy your DeFi Web App in style.

Custom Smart Contracts – TLCC Consultants has an in-house Certified Smart Contract Developer, capable of developing your custom smart contract on blockchains that can sustain thousands of transactions per second.