Our Services

Integrating your project website, company website, or creating your very own web application.

We make DeFi and Blockchain practical and accessible.

Project Consulting

Require assistance with project technical design strategy and research? TLCC Consultants is familiar with different public blockchain technologies, having developed integrations with multiple. Let us help.

Blockchain Integrations

Deploy a blockchain application from the web, or add blockchain features to existing websites. We deploy:

  • DeFi & Blockchain Interfaces
  • Worldwide Crypto Payments
  • Smart Contracts
  • Public Event Sourcing

Decentralized Web Apps

We can deploy your web application which integrates with a public blockchain. Reward systems, payment integration, posting data, smart contract interaction and much more is achievable.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts enable complex, codified interactions on public blockchain networks, enabling for new ways to conduct business worldwide. TLCC Consultants develops and deploys smart contracts in-house.

DeFi & Blockchain Integrations

TLCC Consultants specializes in building website and server interfaces with public blockchains, giving your project 21st century Decentralized Finance capabilities.  Enable clients to send cryptocurrency payments securely worldwide, interface with customized smart contracts, and deploy new functionalities not yet seen on the web.

Decentralized Web 3.0 Deployments

In the above architecture, we see that a traditional server no longer acts as the trusted party to interact, validate, and transmit transactional data.  Traditional servers function as a company’s automated interface to conduct business with clients, where both client and server use public decentralized blockchains as validators.