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Project Consulting

Choosing a technology can be daunting; the hype of DeFi and Blockchain has developers scrambling to implement these projects at your company, but are they really the best for your needs?  We do the evaluation analysis report for you, exploring the potential of DeFi and Blockchain technology for your organization.  Since 2015, we have followed technology and industry trends for decentralized public blockchains. [1]

Blockchain Integrations

Take your project or business to the next level, by implementing a public blockchain integration with your project.  We specialize in the following blockchains:

Decentralized Web Apps

Bring your vision into reality.  Work with us to develop and deploy your Blockchain-Integrated Web Application, using real-time data updates and HTML5 streamlined interfaces.  A web application integrated with decentralized networks is an excellent first step for your project, delivering real world results to customers, stakeholders, and project backers.

EOSIO Smart Contracts

Our team has deployed multiple smart contracts on EOSIO blockchains, everything from simple token contracts to more advanced financial transactions such as our NFT virtual land auction contract code.  Let us write your EOSIO smart contract!

Advanced Contract Features Available

  • Token inflation / deflation
  • Contracts for auctions / exchanges
  • Runtime contract self-audit
  • Contract internal checks and balances
  • Permissions besides @active and @owner

EOSIO Advantage

  • Contracts use no gas (cheaper to use)
  • Sending / receiving has ‘no fee’ for users and contracts
  • These blockchains can handle 10,000 transactions per second, or more
  • Contracts can be frozen, updated, and patched, permissions can be securely managed, keys can be changed
  • History of successful and secure operation since 2018

EOSIO Smart Contract Audits

Our EOSIO certified smart contract developer will audit your smart contract, exploring the potential for security risks and contract execution failures.  We are aware of some the common exploits facing EOSIO smart contracts, such as the recent EOSX Vault Hack

EOSIO smart contracts have the luxury of utilizing additional resources at low additional cost (by increased capital investment in PoS.)  As such, it is our attitude that additional computational operations for the sake of security is to be encouraged.


STEEM / HIVE Blockchain Interface

The STEEM and HIVE public blockchain networks both present excellent opportunities for a public record of events and logged transactions.  For example, Splinterlands operates on the HIVE blockchain, tracking NFT collectable game assets through the immutable historical record available on these blockchains.  Users benefit from “zero cost” transactions, and each blockchain can support in the range of 10,000 transactions per second.

For the purposes of decentralized applications, the advantage of these blockchains is that they allow for a maximum post size of 64KB, which can in fact be JSON data as opposed to a text post.  Transaction event data can easily be kept down below 1KB, making these blockchains ideal for handling solid transaction volume.

TLCC Consultants

Industry Experts

Operating from Singapore, TLCC Consultants Pte. Ltd. is positioned to launch your project, business, or company toward success in the world of Decentralized Finance.

Did you know there are thousands of public DeFi Blockchains in operation?

Many of these DeFi platforms harness new technological innovations the world has hardly talked about, such as innovations in governance, fundraising, smart contracts, record authentication, and new methods of financial trust.

DeFi for Your Project

The Advantages of Working with Us

Idea Advantage

Our forward-thinking viewpoint of Decentralized Finance and Blockchain Technology makes us ideal strategic partners for the purposes of technology consulting and strategy. [2]


  • Understanding of successful product strategies in blockchain
  • Industry connections
  • Prior market and technology research

Knowledge Advantage

We possess knowledge of innovations and technological advancements achieved in Public Decentralized Blockchains in the last 5 years. These innovations can be put to work for your project, organization or company.

  • EOSIO Certified
  • Specializing in fast blockchains with “zero fee” transactions
  • Game design / code implementation with public blockchains

Speed Advantage

We can write and deploy your specialized EOSIO smart contracts on a 72-hour time frame (fixed price) once we have your specifications and payment.

  • Up to 6 contract actions
  • Up to 2 multi-index tables
  • Up to 400 lines of code

We are happy to take on larger projects, but the time frame will exceed 72-hour turn-around.

Ideas to Reality in 2021

Attention is turning to the cutting edge of the DeFi revolution.  Nations, banks, exchanges, and big-tech have all realized that DeFi is the future…

Bring your idea to fruition in 2021.

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